Any time someone asks me if “I’m too old for that”, I just direct them to Advanced Style.


This is wonderful! Hoping to be one of them if I live long enough.

Love this kinda shit.

You know I’m kinda super excited to be a very eccentric old lady.


if you don’t want to call yourself a feminist because of the historical failure of feminism to be sufficiently intersectional, feminists should be respectful of that while we try to fix our movement. People have every reason to reject feminism on grounds of racism, transmisogyny, ableism and various other problems. The only reason you can get mad about people rejecting feminism is if it is out of ignorance to misogyny embedded in social structures and government.


when ur with ur best friend




heres an idea: instead of trying to “fix” autism try to fix the way allistic people react to austic people because saying you want to cure autism and trying to find a way to make sure autistic children arent born is just like saying that you want to cure gay people and thats :///////

They actually did that.

As in, there were studies.

They found that when they tried to improve the social skills of the autistic kids, nothing much happened.

When they improved the social skills of the nonautistic kids (by telling them how to properly interact with autistic people without freaking us out and overloading us), then the autistic kids’ social skills suddenly improved.

Why?  Because we were reacting to being treated with respect for the first time ever, by other kids.  Because other kids were making room for our sensory sensitivities and our social differences.  Because they were making an accessible environment for us, and in an accessible environment, suddenly we thrived socially.

And that says everything about where the social skills problems actually lie.


transparent zelda


transparent zelda


Roxanne! by LexiFree
Series: A Goofy Movie


Roxanne! by LexiFree

Series: A Goofy Movie


if someone doesn’t understand something maybe you should help them out and explain it to them rather than making them feel inferior and reluctant to ask any more questions